Application and Fees (Sicherheitskopie)

We praise on transparent costs and
customizable programs

We are a comprehensive provider of adult education, travel services and work experience. We believe that you will not be able to find agencies providing the same experience for less. Most internship placement agencies rely solely
on placement. But we are different. We believe that relying solely on job placement can transform yours and the organizations expectations into quantitative rather than quality-oriented evaluation.

Even those companies providing a broad range of services have one major disadvantage: They do not emphasize on the right match between your values, skills and career expectations and the specific projects in the company. Why spending a large amount of money for a program that does not nurture your abilities?

What is the price for our program?

Most of our placement costs go into the matching process between you and the company. From the very beginning our highest goal was to create comprehensible and transparent cost models. That’s why we offer different service packages for every budget. If you are only interested in the overseas job placement and assistance of a working visa, then choose our Economy Package. For those of you, who consider their time to be precious and who want to do more with their internship abroad, we offer various extra services, including accommodation, career coaching, cultural training, welcome packages and much more.

This is a conscious and important distinction. It means that our programs are carefully designed and planned to maximize student experience and outcomes. The quality exceeds the quantity.

Program starting from

Experience Program 1,900 USD/week

Academy Program 1,900 USD/week

Entrepreneur Program 2,900 USD/week

Social Work Program free

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Transparent fees and expanses


Trust and transparent pricing are one of our core values. Be.spoke offers a clear pricing model that is simple and does not involve any hidden costs. This makes a secure and comprehensible planning for your stay abroad possible. Only if you know what you are getting you can plan reliably.

Take a look at our price list or contact one of our consultants for a detailed listing of prices.

Highly flexible and customizable

Unlike others, we offer our clients the highest level of professionalism and flexibility in all our services. This means you can customize your desired program and add additional services. After receiving an offerletter, simply select your desired services or conveniently book one of our three hand-picked packages and benefit from the respective discounts.

After the booking has been completed, you have the option to rebook any of our services at any time. For example, from time to time we offer special country-specific excursions and weekend trips. In addition, after successfully completing our program, you have the opportunity to book a permanent job placement service or career coaching course, both of which give you the ideal push into your professional career.

The services we offer include:

– Airport pick-up/drop-off

– Standard and premium accommodation

– Standard and premium insurance

– Career consulting (e.g. CV translation or interview preparation training)

– Language courses or personal language tutor

– Weekend activities and travel packages

– Money ex-change

– Permanent job placement

– Cultural training

Package options

We are sure you are thinking about next steps and preparing to start your internship with us. So, let us help you make the right choice for your stay

Choose one of our hand-crafted programs for your stay abroad

Economy Package

2,330per week

Our economy package is our cost-effective alternative for those who want to take care of their own accommodation, travel, etc.

find out what's included

  • Tailored internship placement
  • 24/7 emergency service

Premium Package

4,930per week

Our most popular package gives you anything you need during your stay - and a little bit more.

find out what's included

  • Tailored internship placement
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Standard accommodation
  • Welcome package
  • Health insurance

Platinum Package

6,970per week

Book our all inclusive package and make the most of your stay abroad. After you completed your program, you will also get exclusive access to our premium job offers and we will help you to get a permanent job based on your preferences.

find out what's included

  • Tailored internship placement
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Premium accommodation
  • Premium welcome package
  • Premium insurance
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off
  • Personal language tutor
  • Career coaching

Program fees and living cost estimates




Program Fees14 weeks8 weeks12 weeksmore than 12 weeks
Experience Program3,200 USD 22,000 RMB3,500 USD 24,000 RMB4,100 USD 28,000 RMB4,100 USD 28,000 RMB
Academy Program3,200 USD 22,000 RMB3,500 USD 24,000 RMB4,100 USD 28,000 RMB4,100 USD 28,000 RMB
Entrepreneur Program3,900 USD 27,000 RMB4,800 USD 33,000 RMB5,700 USD 39,000 RMB4,100 USD 28,000 RMB
Social Work Program99 USD 680 RMB99 USD 680 RMB99 USD 680 RMB99 USD 680 RMB
Estimated Costs per Month2Berlin, GermanyShenzhen, ChinaLondon, UKLondon, UK
Standard Accommodation31,900 USD 1,900 EUR1,900 USD 1,900 RMB1,900 USD 1,900 GBP
Standard Health Insurance42,900 USD 2,900 EUR2,900 USD 2,900 RMB2,900 USD 2,900 GBP
Local Transport52,900 USD 2,900 EUR2,900 USD 2,900 RMB2,900 USD 2,900 GBP
Living Costs62,900 USD 2,900 EUR2,900 USD 2,900 RMB2,900 USD 2,900 GBP
  1. The program fee may vary upon duration, location and type of program. Please create an account or contact our consultants to see the fees for programs longer than 12 weeks.
  2. The stated costs of living are estimates. Please log in and select a specific program to determine the exact costs.
  3. A standard accommodation refers to a single room in a shared apartment.
  4. It is mandatory to purchase a health insurance upon starting your program. The fee is based on our local insurance provider that varies from country to country.
  5. Costs are based on a monthly metro ticket.
  6. Amounts are based on market benchmarks and exchange rates at the time of print and are therefore subject to change