About Be.spoke

Find your talents with us

Bespoke is a platform that connects students and companies from around the world to benefit from the exchange of experience and knowledge and to shape their future together.

Who we are

The bespoke team is a multicultural group of young talents and long-term HR experts from all over the world. Each team member brings a unique knowledge of contemporary culture and a diversity of professional skills. As a group, we connect and engage with our expanding and trusted network of aspiring and ambitious individuals. Supported by an extensive network of partner companies and educational institutions in over 20 cities around the globe, we aim to offer meaningful, challenging and life-changing internship programs across a wide range of industries.

What we do

For us, an internship is more than just a simple definition of an employment relationship. We understand the constantly rising trend of companies requiring work experience from fresh graduates.

We want to support and promote this trend with our Bespoke programs. As former students with international experience, we have already gone this route ourselves and have set the goal to help other students with our knowledge in the field of human resources in a very practical manner.

Our goals

Our goal is to give students the best possible education for current and prospective challenges of a global working world and to strengthen their professional and personal development. We therefore pay special attention to practical skills, transfer of learning into professional practice and crossprofession key qualifications. For students, this means as much theory as necessary, as much practice as possible.

This approach can be found in all programs, no matter what level you enter. We have not only geared the selection of projects to future trends and requirements, but have also created didactic models and internship formats that ensure ideal practical relevance.

We build on a strong partner network

Bespoke is a member of the Jestar HR group. With more than 20 years of experience, the Jestar Group stands for professional HR service solutions in the Chinese and international markets for a wide range of clients. To this day, Jestar has over 100 employees, 6 offices, and served more than 400 clients from funding innovative start up businesses to multinational enterprises such as Alibaba or Tencent. Bespoke is building on this network and pursuing the goal of significantly shaping and driving the future of the international talent exchange.