For Parents

By your side - throughout your whole

Moving away from home to enter a new country is a very important moment in life. At Bespoke, we recognize this and have set up processes to support both students and parents during this significant transition.

With decades of experience meeting the demands of international students, we know that embarking on an internship abroad is a big transition for both students and parents. We are always on hand to help you take the next step on your journey.

What we stand for

From the moment you apply, we are at your service. Even before you arrive at our school, we pay special attention from
the moment you apply. During your first discussion with one of our program advisors, we assess your professional
interests, and depending on your needs, put you in touch with employers, current interns, career counselors to make
sure you feel comfortable from day one.

6 good reasons why you can
trust us

Made in Germany

As a German company, we distinguish ourselves through individuality and exceptionally high quality standards.We are always ready to secure and sustainably develop the quality level we have developed over the years. For more than on decade, we have build and enhanced our own quality management system that aims to sustainably and continuously improve our service quality. If you have any queries, comments or criticism at any time, we are always ready to listen!

Strong Partnerships

Since the company was founded, we count on our experienced and reliable partners.We work with a variety of partner companies, educational institutions and professional agencies for the various service areas we provide. We also expand our portfolio though our increasing professional network.

Our tightly knit and diversified partner network extends across all of today's and tomorrows industries. All in order to achieve one goal: Increase your child's global awareness and professional competency.

University Accreditation

Through close cooperation with local and international universities, we work intensively on the recognition of our programs. Many majors today require amandator (international) internship. We try our best to get your program with us accredited and accepted by your university. Feel free to contact us to find out if you can get recognition to gain necessary university credits.

Safety and Emergency Services

At Bespoke, we follow a simple principle: We work either safely or not at all. 

Safety during your travels, at your new home and at the workplace have the highest priority in all our programs. Therefore, we do our utmost to avoid unsafe situations. In order to be prepared for unexpected situations, we offer a 24/7 emergency service as well as local customer service teams, which will assist you and your child at all times.

Customizable Programs

We offer a wide range of options,which vary in availability depending on your choice of course center and program duration. Each program follows a specific structure and learning goal. Depending on your personal needs, you can develop skills, explore your dream role and dive into a foreign business culture. And, all of our services are personalized as well. This means,that you can choose whatever service you need and budget you have.

Local Support

As a smaller institution we are focusing on each student’s learning experience.We provide personalized attention for each individual, from the dedicated attention you receive from recruiters upon your first application and the helpful orientation from our Student Services team, to the close guidance you get from your Career Advisor and the lasting benefits of our alumni network, we pride ourselves on its accessible and welcoming environment- and this locally and personally.

We take safety and security very seriously

We not only help you to find a suitable internship in your desired area, but also to make your stay on site as pleasant as possible. Even when planning your journey, we will be at your side step by step.

For example, our transfer package offers you planning security: In addition to the return flight to the destination country, you have the option of booking an arrival package and airport transfer on the day of arrival as well as your accommodation

.On site, our local service teams and partners will always be there to help and advise you, so that you will have a contact person in close proximity during your internship. An introductory workshop at the beginning of your stay in the office of our colleagues will also help you settle in on the spot.

Health and travel insurance

A trip abroad is a big step, not only for the students but also for the parents. Unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly in life. Whether you suffer an accident, illness, lost your plane ticket, someone stole your passport or have problems with employers - in such situations you always need support. Together with our local colleagues we are there for you, if you need help. We also support your parents and friends at home if an emergency should occur.

All-in one services

Unlike many other agencies, we offer an all-round service package. Once your child sets foot in a foreign country, everything is taken care of.Consequently, we take meticulous care of services such as airport pickup,accommodation in a safe neighborhood close to the workplace,introduction to the local environment, procurement of all necessary items such as SIM card or bank account, and required health, travel and employment insurance.

24/7 Emergency support

We do our best to provide you and your children with the best possible service when it comes to safety and well-being. Although we careful plan every step along the way, we are fully aware that things can go wrong. To deal with every eventuality, we offer a worldwide 24/7 emergency service. Our participants receive a direct emergency contact before departure, which can be reached in every situation in both private and professional matters. Most of the times, this contact person speaks the  mother tongue of the student and is located in the same city. No matter what happens, we are prepared for anything!

Health and safety at work

Working conditions can vary considerably from country to country,industry to industry, and company to company. Each new partner company undergoes thorough and rigorous work and safety examinations. Specifically, this means, for example, that your child is covered against any accidents at work or sickness by respective insurances. In addition, your child will receive the necessary safety clothing, such as safety helmets or steel toe boots. Ultimately, we attach great importance to ensuring that all employees of a company receive adequate safety training in handling people and materials.

Gain invaluable career benefits

An internship abroad is an excellent investment in your future. Working abroad means gaining interesting insights into the local working environment and culture, gaining practical work experience and improving your language skills.

Build your CV/Resume

In addition to gaining valuable work experience, an internship abroad equips you with a number of special skills that are particularly well recognized by recruiters. International experience is important for many companies as it shows that the applicants have already settled in a foreign country - in a foreign culture, and that also in relation to work. Also, the so-called soft skills, so the social competence, are always trading higher. A completed internship abroad shows that you are motivated to avoid any hurdles.

Gain relevant industry experience

Your internship abroad enables you to experience the unique characteristics of a certain company, industry or country first-hand.In turn, this allows you to develop good instincts for international businesses, which will help you to evaluate future situations and tasks from different angles.

Work project-based

No matter which of our programs you choose, practical, hands-on tasks and projects are in the center of your internship. Some things can not be learned from books. From day one, you will be involved in real case projects to experience the challenges and opportunities of your own dream role.


Many university students have almost no contact with the business community. So if you leave university, you start from scratch and you have to build up contacts to companies with difficulty. Our program gives you a head start for your future career, even while you're still enrolled in college. We'll show you how to automatically make important contacts in your field and you can build a network. Maybe the people you meet today wants to be your bosses, work colleagues or business partners in the future. 

Feedback and Supervision

New interns receive comprehensive support from day one. Specifically, your personal career advisor will take care of your career development with your partner company. Additionally, you will receive an informal mentor who will assist you in getting used to the new job. Of course, you will receive feed back on each project and also at the end of the program. We also emphasize on career planning, often offering future development in your host company.

Why going abroad?

Our Bespoke Program gives you the chance to participate in real-life projects on any of our three countries. This provides our students with a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the emerging markets of the Middle East or China, develop a broad network of contacts across multiple continents, and work with our company partners to solve real business cases. A truly life-changing experience that only Bespoke can deliver.

Grow intercultural skills

Intercultural competence also plays an important role, as you will learn to deal with cultural differences through close contact with the culture of your destination country. In times of globalization and in our multicultural society, you will gain a clear advantage over those applicants who have so far spent little time abroad.

Learn responsibility and independence

or many of our students, participation in our program is the first time to gain practical and foreign experience. Hence, for the first time the student is living alone, has a supervisor and needs to take responsibility for his/her own actions. To achieve this is certainly hard work for a young student - but the courage and effort pay off quickly. In our experience, successful participants exhibit a high erself-confidence, independence, and motivation compared to fellow students, they are much quicker in adapting to professional and personal changes and ultimately have a better idea of their personal and professional future. All of these are skills that you have to experience in person and as a parent are difficult to teach.

Increase your employability

Experience equals employability in a competitive job market, and internships give you the experience needed to stand out. You’ll have support from the Career Development team to find an internship aligned with your interests.You’ll also have access to career events so you can explore your options and hone your networking skills.

Improve your foreign language skills

With our internship you not only enhance your CV, you’ll acquire important local language skills, giving you a head start in pursuing your dream career. No matter where you do your internship, English will be the primary working language. However, depending on your course center location, we will teach you the essentials of the local language as well.

Any further questions?

We offer the right accommodation for each and everyone of you. Even though we have existing contracts with housing agencies, we continuously extend our network. If you have any special requirement for your stay abroad, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!