Your unique opportunity to live and work in
the world’s most influential cities

Our Bespoke program gives you the chance to participate in real-life projects on any of our three countries. This provides our students with a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the emerging markets of the Middle East or China, develop a broad network of contacts across multiple continents, and work with our company partners to solve real business cases. A truly lifechanging experience that only Bespoke can deliver.

International business cannot be learned solely in the classroom. Nothing can replace the experience of really gettng an on-theground understanding of what is happening in different parts of the world. With our program, you will be attached to a small team of business experts and industry veterans to collaborate together on a high-level project for an actual company or business.

The Career Services and Student Services teams in each country will do their best to ensure that you have many opportunities to network with your peers and industry professionals alike. No other agency offers such an opportunity to graduate with a valuable network of friends and contacts all over the world.