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Find your talents with us

Our extensive talent pool provides you with a broad range of talents, whether shortterm or long-term, operational or strategical, generalist or specialist, we can help you find the right person for your individual requirements.

Be.spoke offers a year-round talent exchange, which means that we can find the right person for you and provide you with the right qualifications at the right time.

We take care of all legal and organizational tasks upon, during and after arrival of the candidates.

Unlike other internship programs, we praise on customization. This allows us to provide tailored solutions to realize the perfect fit between our talents and your project. We further assure that you don't have to deal with any organizational issues such as placing vacancies, selecting candidates, getting a visa or finding an accommodation.

Our goal is to make sure every internship opportunity is:

- Risk-asserted 

- Quantifiable

- Legally stable 

- In-line with the student's academic study and career goals.

Employer-led program

Be.Spoke is an employer-led project, meaning that students are selected according to your preferences and demands. You can set standards:subject area, specialization, learning level, technical experience, language requirements, nationality and duration. Usually, we carry out a pre selection and present you with suitable candidates. However, it is also possible to step out of the full hiring process. Our long-term partner companies trust us with the full interview process and final candidate selection.

Cost effective talents for yourbusiness.

Whether the student receives any salary or allowance from theemployer is totally up to.* Our interns are volunteers; learning andgaining experience is the primary goal of our program. If you wantto increase the number of applications and quality of candidates,you are free to pay a competitive salary, take over part of the traveland living expanses or grant a bonus after successfully completingour program.

*Legal regulations may apply.

Added value for any project

In addition to our core task of matching students with internship opportunity,we also offer diverse opportunities for partnerships and sponsoring. Ourcomprehensive global network offers you to achieve any of your HR goals. Forthose who want to find the best permanent employees, we also offer theopportunity to use our current resources and alumni channel to post yourvacancy. Our alumni are former Be.Spoke interns, which means that theyalready have international work experience and motivation to succeed.

Be.Spoke is part of the Jestar HR group. With over 20 years of HR experienceand over 500 corporate partnerships, we can assist you on any HR projectfrom head hunting over HR outsourcing to employer branding.

Our global network of partner companies

Due to our close relationship with partner companies and educational institutions all over the world, we established a diverse international community of students, faculty and economics experts. Exploring our intense network of 100 partners will be one of the highlights of your internship and will help you build your very own international network for the future.