Application Scholarships

The Be.spoke+ Scholarship

The program Be.spoke + promotes internships in all program countries. The program is open to students from all disciplines. Internships in non-partner companies are not eligible. An internship via Be.spoke + is eligible for 1 to 6 months. For the cost of living, trainees receive a monthly grant, the amount of which depends on the destination country of the mobility. In addition, they can receive assistance in the preparation of the stay abroad, e.g. in the form of language courses. Graduates can also receive funding for an Erasmus + internship in other European countries: This offer is valid within one year of completing a study phase (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, State Examination, Diploma). Prerequisite for a grant is an application at least 6 months before the start of the internship.

Selection criteria

For applications with the aim of carrying out an individual internship project, the following are assessed:

  • Quality of the previous study achievements, recognition of the university, language skills as well as previous professional experience
  • Originality, timeliness and relevance of motivation letter
  • Preparation of the project and the consistency of working and time schedule (analysis and evaluation steps)
  • Embedding of the project in the study
  • Importance of the internship and the overall stay abroad for the own scientific and professional career plans

Selection process

A committee of selected business experts will evaluate each application. The process includes:

  • Evaluation of the application material, including CV, motivational letter, university transcripts and other certificates
  • After pre-selection, a separate telephone interview with the candidate is conducted
  • The responsible selection committee will get together and make an overall decision on the award of the scholarship
  • About four weeks after the end of the selection process, all applicants will receive notification of the outcome of their application.
  • Scholarships can only be awarded to applicants who have applied at least 6 months before the start

Scholarship specifications

The Be.Spoke+ Scholarship covers all major costs associated with your internship. Included are:

  • Placement fee
  • A monthly defined scholarship rate to cover the rent of accommodation (depends on the city and country of the program)
  • Country-dependent, fixed rate to cover living expanses such as food, clothes, books
  • Country-dependent, fixed travel allowance for weekend trips before, during or after the internship
  • Grant for health, accident and personal liability insurance
  • Not included are costs for visa application, flight, hotel costs while independent traveling

Any more questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you are interested in applying to our program, please send us your application at: