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Develop your very own invaluable global perspective

The Be.Spoke programs are built upon some powerful alliance with leading enterprises around the world.

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Unlike others, we provide individual internship programs that let you immerse in your dream role to discover your true potential. Each bespoke internship program is building on your previous academic and practical experience. We will make sure to thoroughly analyze your personal qualifications and career development expectations, before choosing your partner company

Our international network of
partner companies

Our success in providing memorable and meaningful internship placements enables us to constantly extent our network of international partners in nearly every industrial or public sector. Through our global network, we have built specific partnerships with industry leaders in HR, automotive, management consulting and commerce to provide and apply transferable knowledge and insights to the new generation of leaders.

Our Partners

With over 20 years of HR experience, we have build up strong relationships with companies of any size, whether innovative small team start-ups or multi-national enterprise. We are proud to work closely with Tencent, Alibaba, Netease, EProducts, WWF, Arcus GmbH, and many more

Why choose us?

Sometimes you picture your dream job from childhood but never got the chance to actually try it out. So, how will you know if this position is really what you want to do for the rest of your life?

Career expectations are unique and personal. And some people just don’t want to fit the norm. Our goal is to help you develop your personal ideals and prospects of your professional future.

Whether you want to prepare for a future career in banking, learn a new programming language, find out what it means to be a head hunter or just pursue a hobby or interest such as photography. We offer a wide range of tailored programs, allowing your to dive in a foreign culture, profession and industry.


Due to our close relationship with partner companies and educational institutions all over the world, we established a diverse international community of students, faculty and economics experts. Exploring our intense network of 100 partners will be one of the highlights of your internship and will help you build your very own international network for the future.

Come, and be a part of this incredible experience that will make you stand out – we look forward to seeing what you are capable of!

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We praise on selectivity and accuracy of fit. Our rigorous program attracts some of the best talent from all other the world. We value your time and make sure that we carefully pre-select the right candidates for your company. We have a clear intention to provide high-quality educational services. We understand that not everyone is suitable for our program, but neither do we discriminate motivated talents with the wish to go abroad.

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