Why us?

Our goal is to make it as easy to find an internship
abroad as it is on the domestic labor market.


We believe students shape the work of tomorrow by breaking oldcorporate structures and combining individuality with successful business ideas. However, students are still puttng many obstacles in the way, especially when it comes to finding international internships and jobs. With Bespoke we develop a tailor made program especially for students. We strive for transparent and comprehensible costs and sustainable learning success. We achieve that by widening target group and offering our service to a large audience, yet unlike most agencies providing customized, tailor-made programs for each applicant.

Why choosing an agency?

Finding an internship abroad can't be that hard, right? Well, if you have existing contacts in your target country, speak the local language or are onsite to contact to companies in person, then you can count yourself lucky. You are one of the lucky few who may not need our help. Everyone else should think twice before starting the (confusing) journey of finding an internship abroad.

No matter whether you face a seemingly easy task to purchase a SIM card or a rather complex goal such as getting hold of an invitation letter, without the foreign language, a domestic ID or personal introduction, even the simplest tasks constitute an unsolvable challenge.

Still convinced there is no need for assistance? Then take a look at some of the challenges we have experienced over the years:


  • 5. Evolve throughout the program and receive a benefits
  • Let's say that you've handled all of challenges listed the below. Congratulations, you are a lucky man. But even if you get this far, there is no guarantee that you receive a reward for your work. The whole purpose of an internship is to learn, develop skills and interests and receive a visible payoff for your work. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to guarantee this upfront. ... or is it?
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  • 4. Find a suitable position and task to do
  • We know that your time is valuable. So, the last thing you want to do is spending your time on a task that has no benefit for you. However, internships are often generic and way too general for an individuals expectations, goals and needs.
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  • 3. Finding an apartment
  • Finding a suitable accommodation can be trickier than one might think. Sure, you can stay in a hotel or hostel,but the costs are often twice or even higher than standard apartments. To find an apartment, however, youoften need to provide a local ID, working contract, deposit and local bank account - all of which you are notable to provide from overseas.
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  • 2. Getting a working permit and visa
  • After receiving an invitation letter, you need fill out lots of paperwork and documents for the local government and embassy proving that your position can not be filled with a local student.
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  • 1. Find a parter company
  • First, you need to find a company willing to host your internship even without having a working visa. The company needs to fill out lots of paperwork and unlitmately write you an invitation letter - trouble that most companies are not willing to go through.

Strong foundation

Our goal is to accelerate and actively drive change in the global HR landscape. With nearly two decades of HR experience and over 100,000 successfully placed talents, we are now expanding our core competency to a global level and striving to connect companies worldwide with appropriate talents.

In this way, our platform becomes a global digital ecosystem for HR services: a place where every business can access its own, modern and scalable HR products - to meet the future’s HR demands today.

Our global network of partner companies

Due to our close relationship with partner companies and educational institutions all over the world, we established a diverse international community of students, faculty and economics experts. Exploring our intense network of 100 partners will be one of the highlights of your internship and will help you build your very own international network for the future.

Why us?

While you will easily find an agency offering you an internship placement in your desired loca?on, choosing the right agency may does not be as easy as it seems. Nowadays, every company tries to distinguish themselves and try to find their USP. Some agencies offer foreign placements but leave the student out in the cloud once entering the country. Others offer a broad range of services such as traveling, language or university preparation, but loose focus of the most important part of the program - the internship.

We want to be different.

We offer a number of hand-selected internship programs alongside meticulously picked services that all undergo rigorous quality controls and evaluation processes.

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Diverse, Trustworthy and Known Companies

We have partnered with over 500 handpicked international companies to offer students a broad range of internship solutions in nearly every industry.

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Guaranteed Service Quality - Made in Germany

As a German company, we strive for exceptionally high quality standards and service quality - a promise that we keep from day one.

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Transparent and Flexible Fees

Unlike others, we believe that costs and services should be reasonable and transparent. We also offer various add ons and extras for your individual needs.

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Career Services

Whether you are a company or student, we offer a wide range of HR and career services even after completion of the program. Services include head hunting, coaching and permanent job placement.

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Safety and Insurances

We know that going abroad can be scary. We do everything we can to take your fear and guarantee a safe home, rigorous health insurance and 24/7 emergency services in your chosen country.

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Certificate of Achievement

Good work should be appreciated. So, in  addition to a personal recommendation, we will award you with a certificate of achievement upon successfully completing our program.

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Customized Programs

We believe that every person has individual and unique goals. We respect that by offering personalized and tailored programs specific to your academic background, personal expectations and career goals.

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Letter of Recommendation

The best way to demonstrate your abilities to a new employer is by supplying proof. And what better way of proving that you are an ambitious and talented student then by showing a letter of recommendation signed by the CEO of your host company?

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Extensive Alumni Network

Once you have entered our program, you will be come part of a unique and far reaching network of students and companies. Will will provide you with news, social events and exclusive job offers - even after you completed your program with us.

Join us

In order to exceed our clients' expectations on a daily basis, we bring people together with real passion and expertise for human resources, with different cultures and ways of thinking. Through constant exchange and mutual feedback, we work creatively and develop innovative ideas for our customers. Often, we also involve our customers directly in the development in order to test and improve new ideas in practice.

We work creatively and analytically at eye level, are cosmopolitan, digital and down to earth. So, do you want to work in a modern offices in the world's most vibrant cities like Shenzhen or Dusseldorf to build something with great people that will impact the future of thousands of students and future leaders?

Then discover our current positions and help us developing great products and services to connect the world. We look forward to hearing from you!

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