Learn the most important business skills to
master your future projects

We have developed a truly unique and innovative program that not only offers you to explore unknown cultures and roles, but to nurture your potential and enhance your professional skillset.

Thus, we developed a specific array of skills for each program to ensure that you will not only learn a profession but learn how to manage your time, take responsibility, understand cultures and lead a project or team.

Intercultural Competency

In today’s working situations, people of many different kinds meet – cultural diversity in teams is commonplace in almost all areas. At the same time, companies and organizations worldwide operate, deploy specialists and executives, and interact internationally at all levels.

We believe that the best way to learn and explore an unknown culture is by stepping foot into the country and make the experience yourself.

An international cultural training conveys awareness of one’s own self-assessment and the diversity of cultures. You will acquire central competencies such as variety in the communication strategy or openness to more person-oriented and objective negotiation styles. Cultural general training initially reveals invisible, cooperative habits and shows how essential the knowledge of foreign cultural orientation systems are build. With this basis you will be successful in a demanding international environment.

Leadership Skills

Each of our program praises on a close relationship with your supervisor. This person is well chosen and otien draws from a wealth of experience and knowledge from many years of experience. We believe that this person is the best to show you what leadership means.

To become a leader brings a lot of new challenges to an individual. A person needs to be able to take responsibility not only for his actions but especially for the results of his team, he needs to step back from the operational business and rather focus on strategical
tasks and, ultimately, needs to be a respected and inspiring person within the team or company. Those situations can not be learned from books. Which is why you will learn those skills based on real challenges, real people and real projects.

You see how experts deal with this role and the expectations that are placed on them. That way you can start determine your own,
authentic way to take the lead in your future job. You will learn what it means to let go and learn how to motivate employees through clear communication and feedback.

Time Management

From day one, you will receive a clear goal and key tasks to achieve this goal. We know that this may be overwhelming, especially if this is your first working experience. Therefore, we will show you, how you can develop your own effective time management to find new ways for yourself and for dealing with expectations in times of high complexity.

Until recently, the recipe for success was time management: a clear objective and a coordinated working methodology. However, the framework conditions have changed completely. Increasing complexity, the expectation of constant accessibility, increasing number of real and virtual meetings, even more e-mails or digital information characterize the daily work routine. This increase the pressure and working hours.

During your program you have the chance to find your own pace, develop an effective strategy for greater efficiency and serenity to ideally reduce the constant self-perception of lack of structure and stress. Together with your mentor, you will reflect your habits and
methods and share experiences to find new, self-determined ways of dealing with professional and private expectations.

Communication and Presentation Skills

With the help of communication techniques you can lead constructive conversations even in foreign cultures or situations of conflict. You will understand the different interests and find solutions.
Wherever people come together, conflicts are part of everyday life.

However, when critical situations are identified early and clarified constructively, one can do justice to all those involved and sustainably improve relationships.

During your program you can train your communication techniques based on telephone calls, presentations, email and other forms of communication. You will learn how conflicts arise, why they escalate and how they can be avoided. Your supervisor will also show you skills that help them engage in constructive discussions and convey listeners of your idea or product.