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Frequently Asked Questions

An internship abroad is a big step for students and parents. We know that there are many questions and ambiguities,
which is why we have summarized our most frequent questions down below. In case you have any additional question,
feel free to contact us at 

The price of a program depends on various factors. Important factors are the duration of the internship, the choice of the program type and the
destination country. We rely on customization to offer every student the opportunity of international experience. For this reason, students can apply for every position and customize the conditions once being accepted. Students have the option to pay only the placement fee as well as
choosing an all-inclusive package, which includes various additional services such as city trips, accommodation and welcome package.

Good services come at a price. Since the beginning we strive for reliable placements and high quality services. We promise our customers that all
costs are customizable and transparent. There are no hidden costs. If there is any doubt at any time, feel free to contact us and we will try
everything we can to explain our service model to you.

We offer both paid and unpaid internships. Whether the student receives any compensation is dependent on the employer. The salary can be seen online on the job description page once the student has created an account.

An internship abroad can bring a lot of costs. Even if a foreign experience is an essential career factor today, not every student has the fnancial resources to afford such an investment in the future. For this reason, Bespoke awards the Bespoke+ Scholarship, which is specifcally designed for ambitious and qualifed students with insufcient fnancial resources. Depending on the conditions, the scholarship covers all travel, placement, insurance and living expenses as well as in some cases a monthly grand for personal expanses. In addition, many of our partner companies offer a
paid internship.

Once the student receives the offer, we will send out the contract and payment details. The candidate has 5 working days to accept the offer and
pay the fees.

  1. passport and visa fee, visa application fee, embassy postage fees
  2. round-trip airplane tickets, fuel surcharge, airport construction fee and other expenses
  3. All costs associated with the arrival and departure, such as baggage charge or hotel costs.
  4. Individual expanses due to the loss of passport, wallet, smartphone or other personal products
  5. External insurances and individual costs at the start and end of the project
  6. Bespoke is not responsible for the maintenance of any third party property. Damages or property loss needs to be paid by the participant
The start and end date of the internships are determined in mutual agreement between Bespoke, the candidate and the employer. Due to customization of our programs, we aim to design our program according to your schedule. Both shorter and longer durations are possible. The duration varies between 1-12 months. Most of our programs last at least 2-3 months. We advise our students to apply at least three months prior to the desired starting date. If students consider to apply for the Bespoke+ Scholarship, we require an application of at least six months prior to start.
The decision on what program to choose lies entirely in the hand of the applicant. Our goal is to connect students with their dream company and job. We have a pool of over 500 potential employers to match your interests with company offers. If students are interested to work at a specifc company, we try everything we can to match the student with the company. However, the fnal decision is made by the employer.
Yes. Even though English is the primary working language in every program, you will be exposed to the local culture. This means that you need to adapt the cultural habits, values and not least some basic language skills to integrate into the local community. To ease this transition, we offer personal language teachers who will help you enhance your skills and boost your progress.

Your safety and security have our highest priority. To assure a hassle-free stay abroad, we only choose safe locations, trusted employers and reliable insurance providers. All of our apartments have high quality standards, central locations and, depending on the city, guard protection.

In case of any emergency, we provide 24/7 customer service for both students and parents. Our local teams, that often speak the native language of the participant, will help you with any question or problem you might have.

An internship in a foreign country is a great way to experience the local culture, to gain valuable working experiences and enhance your CV for future applications. We aim to seamlessly integrate work with social life, which is why we make sure that you are integrated at the workplace as well as making new friends in your respective country.

For many of our participants, this is the frst time to work in a company. Your new-gained experience will show you the opportunities and challenges in the real world outside of the university. You will learn valuable social skills, such as teamwork, presentation and interpersonal communication as well as taking responsibility for your work. Growing up is also an important part of our program. We make sure that you will nurture in an unknown environment while having the freedom and support if you fail. Participating in an internship program is a truly unparalleled opportunity to gain insight into the different cultures and lifestyles of people frst-hand; it is an experience designated to the next generation of global leaders.