Recruiting Fees

We Charge No Recruiting Fee whatsoever.

Bespoke believes in leaders and visionaries of tomorrow, like you, who are keen to explore the world and
make a lasting impact on the world. We won’t let recruiting fees stop you.

Since its origin in the 1950s, the recruiting industry has not changed much. At that time, companies needed a lot of human capital to search, filter, and recruit talents. Therefore, it was only reasonable for recruitment companies to charge high fees for these expenses. Today, times have changed.

Internet and software tools make recruiting more efficient than ever before. And yet, recruitmentagencies still charge large sums of money to connect jobseekers with employers.

We’ve decided to step against this old method because it has some major shortcomings.

For Employers

Paying is the last option. Today, the company's primary choice is to hire internal recruiters (if possible) or pay referral fees to existing employees instead of paying high fees

For Students

Whenever an intermediary makes a commission, his or her professional prospects are automatically limited to the number of companies willing to pay the agency fee. Therefore, the potential positions, hence a successful match are limited

Our vision is to create the an employment platform that does not charge employers any agency fees

We know that hiring personnel is a tough and time-consuming decision that is not rarely associated with high risks and costs. 

We try to fix that. Below are eight reasons why you should consider to hire an intern with us.




Partner Companies


Years of Experience



Increase your employer branding with us - Become a premium partner

Whether you are an enterprise, NGO or educational institution, on todays global markets, everyone has to distinguish themselvesamong competitors. Our premium partnership allows us to combine forces and use mutual channel to increase our market value andbrand image. 

Become a premium partner

Through years of experience and cooperation with both local and multi-national enterprises, we have established numerous close partnerships.The resulting mutual trust enables a smooth, cost-effective and timesavingapplication process. Our premium partners benefit from a topplacement of their logo, mentions in articles and brochures, opportunityto attend our career events and exclusive access to our top talents.In return, we hope to establish a long-term partnership with yourorganization to enable a continuous and fluent internship placement.Interested? Feel free to contact us at

Become a Sponsor

We are aware that education has a price. Unfortunately, not every individual is able to finance such an experience. That's why we work closely with institutions and companies to create funding opportunities for unfortunate students. Together we create full and partial scholarships for our programs, accommodation and travel and living expenses.

In gratitude for your commitment, you will be:

- given exclusive access to our top talents

- mentioned in blogs and brochures

- given a top spot in all our events and marketing materials.

Thus, you are not only helping students to grow, you also increase your employer branding with little to no effort.

If you are interested in a scholarship solution, do not hesitate to contact us at