How it works

Transform your team to a 

global level

Every generation has the chance to change the world. But the challenges we face today are much more complex than ever before. And yet everywhere, universities are leaving young people unprepared to deal with pace of economic, social and technological change.

We know that recruiting entry-level talents is tough. Finding candidates with the right experience, education and skills can be time consuming and often requires high personal and advertising budgets. We want to put a stop to that.

Helping ambitious students to accelerate their skills and match them with our international partners to create jobs is at the heart of what we do. Our programs teach graduates the skills and behaviors employers actually need while simultaneously giving employers a cost and risk free access to the largest workforce ever - the millennials.

Our Hiring Process for employers 


Added value for any project

A Be.Spoke internship is developed to provide high quality, interesting and 

challenging internships for different types of students.

Our internships enable students to gain valuable working experience and create a range of transferable professional skills that ultimately enhance their employability and prospects for their future career. Therefore, our goal is to work with organizations to give students the lessons they deserve to learn and have a positive impact on their future career planning.
Take a look at our various plans to find out which one is right for your organization. If you are not sure, contact us. We advise you on the suitability of the internship and work with you to develop specifications to meet our quality assurance framework and maximize the ability to find the right person for your position.
We aim to build up long-term partnerships to supply your future HR needs. We understand that every  relationship is unique and every position has specific requirements. Therefore, we are happy to discuss your individual case and develop a strategy together.


Let us help you promote your position

After deciding on the number of positions and job descriptions, we will make sure that your vacancy is properly promoted.

Our program uses multiple communication channels to facilitate internships for students. Our strongest resource is our own platform, on which thousands of students access vacancies every day. In order to increase the chances of a successful match, we also use third party talent pools, recruiting channel as well as cooperations with educational institutions, NGOs and agencies to find the right talent for you. In addition, our career counselors are in daily contact with students and offer them opportunities directly. They also work with universities and institutes such as the Shenzhen University in China and the FOM University in Germany.


We assist you in selecting the right candidates

A Be.Spoke internship is developed to provide high quality, interesting and challenging internships for different types of students.

Our team will stay by your side on every step along the way. We consult all students and employers on every question or concern they have, no matter when. We help you manage your internships by offering a range of employer recruitment services, including job application processing, shortlist planning, feedback gathering and interviews to ensure that you are fully supported in both recruiting and completion of the internship.The above mentioned services are free of charge for companies and always depend on your personal needs and requirements. We consult you as best as possible, but the final decision on who to hire lies in your hand.


The final decision lies in your hands

After conducting the interviews, it is your decision to choose the right intern for your position. We are happy to help you with the decision but in the end it is your choice.

We strive to provide structured, high-quality internships that offer interns a broad range of learning and development opportunities. We also try everything we can to ensure that interns make a valuable professional contribution to your company. During the internship, our consultants remain a constant contact person between employers and trainees to clear all concerns, provide assistance and ensure that employers and interns meet the terms of their internship agreement.

Our Mentoring Program

In order to provide our students with adequate quality, we require our company partners to appoint a mentor as well as a contact person for program affairs. The mentor can be a colleague, a team/project leader or third party person inside the company. The purpose of this person is to monitor the learning progress of the student as well as answering all questions or concerns the student might have throughout the entire program. We also expect employers to provide us with a contact person for all program-related affairs.

In essence, this person is responsible for:

- Supervise the interns, assign tasks and monitor and evaluate learning progress

- Address questions, problems or concerns by the intern

- Provide adequate workspace, IT facilities and training opportunities

- Give feedback on performance and learning according to our feedback guideline

How it works: Mentoring and Feedback

Our consulting team will continuously monitor and review hiringprocesses and students' placements to ensure that all interns workeffectively and meet the required standards.

To ensure that all parties involved receive the best possible service, werecommend that both students and companies maintain a constantexchange of feedback. Due to years of HR experience, we havedeveloped various feedback forms that we provide to the companies.The feedback is bilateral.

Student review

Our interns are encouraged to fill out anonymous pre-placement and post-placement evaluation forms that provide valuable feedback on their experience. Often requested by their home university, these evaluations aim to help trainees to reflect on their skills and experiences, their strengths and weaknesses and to develop their career planning and future prospects.

In addition, the mentor will reflect experiences and, ideally, helps the student to develop a personal strategy for the professional future. We will provide the mentor with necessary feedback guidelines, review forms and evaluation material to assist the student review process.

Organization review

The internship team will request formal or informal feedback from both the host organization as well as the intern. This assessment will help us to continuously develop and improve our traineeship program and ensures that the general standards of our service have been met. It will also help the organization to reflect on their internship management and improve their decision for the next talent selection.