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Your journey at Be.spoke will take you around the globe, equip you to be a leader of international business, and prepare you to make your mark on the world.


Understand the details behind every business, regardless of size. In accounting, you focus on financial transactions for business operations and develop practical skills to effectively record, manage, and communicate this information. You will examine how financial statements enable companies to report their corporate and financial information to leaders and shareholders. Learn how accounting helps companies grow through strategic, financial and
operational insights.

Investment Banker

Money, Credits, investments: Study the financial system created by our economy to experience how thousands of private and public institutions around the world use these systems to shape the future. You will learn about the circulation of currencies, loans, investments, financings, pensions, and many more; and complete your internship with a skillset to travel the globe.


National and international enterprises look for qualified business analysts to help them make changes by defining business demands and proposing solutions that deliver an actual value. In this program, you gain basic knowledge and skills, effectively understand business issues and opportunities, explore demands and solutions, present strategies, and engage with stakeholders. Learn to drati, analyze, and convey requirements and other business analytics data. Access to real cases, practical tools, and industry-recognized technologies that can be immediately applied
to a variety of business cases.

Statistical Market Researcher

Nowadays, businesses are getting more data than ever before – from surveys and polls to sales statistics and market studies to computer-generated user behavior. But, if nobody can explain it, where is the use then? In a world of information overflow, understanding and applying core business statistics is the key to unlock the hidden potentials of every company. As part of this program, you will use the latest computer-aided statistical models to learn how to apply statistical modeling and forecasting techniques in a business environment and how to get the most out of the different types of data.

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