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Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting an intern is a big decision for some companies. We know that there are many questions and ambiguities,
which is why we have summarized our most frequent questions down below. In case you have any additional question,
feel free to contact us at

No. Our services are completely free of charge for all companies, NGOs and universities. As an agency, we depend on the support and cooperation of the said institutions and thus offer a free recruiting service according to the wishes of our partners.

Our first and most important goal is to fnd and select the most suitable candidates for your positions. To achieve this goal, we offer a broad range of services including:

  1. Analyzing the HR demands and identify potentials
  2. Based on the analysis, we draft job descriptions according to our programs
  3. To promote the position, we use our internal and external HR channels to place the job ad globally
  4. Once we have received sufcient applications, we conduct a pre-selection and conduct necessary quality check interviews with potential candidates.
  5. After the pre-selection, we assist companies to conduct remote interviews with candidates
  6. Once the decision is made, we coordinate with the selected candidate and send the offer.
  7. Before arrival, we assist both candidate and company in any relevant legal processes (such as VISA application).
  8. During the internship, we offer a 24/7 customer services that helps both candidates and employers in any question or problem.
  9. In case of any disputes between enterprises and interns, we assist to solve problems.
  10. Towards the end, we assist enterprises to create internships reports and recommendation letters.

The duration varies between 1-12 months. We suggest our partners to host interns for at least 2-3 months to minimize costs and increase beneft. In case of any specifc durations, feel free to contact us and discuss your demands.

No. Our programs are designed to serve an educational purpose. Similar to tuition fees in universities, students are willing to invest in their personal development and future career. However, in order to increase the number of applications and quality of candidates, we advise our partners to provide students with a grand to cover the living expanses or a bonus upon successfully completing a project. Also, depending on the location, legal regulations may apply.

  1. passport and visa fee, visa application fee, embassy postage fees
  2. round-trip airplane tickets, fuel surcharge, airport construction fee and other expenses
  3. All costs associated with the arrival and departure, such as baggage charge or hotel costs.
  4. Individual expanses due to the loss of passport, wallet, smartphone or other personal products
  5. External insurances and individual costs at the start and end of the project
  6. Bespoke is not responsible for the maintenance of any third party property. Damages or property loss needs to be paid by the participant

We provide an all-round service for both students and employers. This means that we take care of everything from job posting, pre-selection and first interviews to VISA, insurance, accommodation and travel support. The employer has the tasks of choosing the fnal candidate (unless we were given the right to make the decision for the employer), finding projects and tasks that are in-line with the students expectations and ideas as well as conducting feedback sessions and a fnal review including writing a letter of recommendation.

Our partnerships are designed for the long-term. We aim to support partners in any HR-related service they need. Due to our close relationship with universities and companies we have build a tight-knit network of cooperation and mutual enrichment. Throughout the year, we host a number of career events such as company visits, guest lectures and recruiting tours. Companies have the chance to become a premium partner, beneftting from various HR services, such as head hunting or consulting, as well as employer branding opportunities on our website, brochures and career events. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our premium partnership.

Yes, we can find students specifcally to your requirements – no matter which majors, university, nationality or previous experience. Additionally, we provide long-term placement services for companies looking for talents apart from internships.