Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world in terms of gross domestic product. In 2017, it was the third largest export and import nation. Due to the lack of raw materials and the automation of industry, Germany increasingly relies on the quality of its education system and is therefore developing into a global information and knowledge society. According to the index of human development, Germany is one of the most highly developed countries in the world.




From Germany's leading start-up scene through exhibitions to pop concerts and street parties - Berlin offers the right event for you anyway. Berlin is 365/24: exciting on all 365 days of the year and with a 24-hour programs.

Tourism, the creative and cultural industries, the biotechnology and healthcare industry with medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, the information and communication technologies, the construction and real estate industry, trade, optoelectronics, energy technology as well as the Trade fair and congress industry. Berlin isone of the emerging, international centers for innovative company founders and registers high annual growth rates in the number of employed persons.




Düsseldorf is a well-known fashion and art city in the west of Germany. While the old town stretches along the east bank of the Rhine, west of the river are modern business and commercial districts as well as the famous Kings Alley with are numerous exclusive boutiques and shops.

The Rhine metropolis is one of the five most important, internationally highly interconnected economic centers inGermany. Düsseldorf is a trade fair city and the seat of many listed companies, including DAX-listed Henkel. In addition, it is Germany's top-selling location for auditing, corporate and legal advice, advertising and apparel fashion, as well as an important banking and stock exchange destination. It is also a leader in Germany's art trade.


Frankfurt am Main is a major financial center and seat of the European Central Bank. In the former residence of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was also born here, there is now a museum about the famous German poet and writer. Every year, one of the largest German Christmas markets takes place on the Römerberg in the restored Old Town.


Paderborn is with about 150.000 inhabitants a city in the eastern part of North RhineWestphalia. Paderborn is one of the most important drivers in the national as well as international interaction between people and markets, business and goods. Here, tradition and progress are closely related.


Cologne has international significance as an economic and cultural metropolis. It is one of the most important locations in the chemical and automotive industries worldwide and houses, in part along with some of its suburbs, the
headquarters and production facilities of twelve international car brands such as Ford and Toyota and numerous chemical companies such as Lanxess.


Hamburg is a major North German port city with about 1.8 million inhabitants from 183 countries, the second largest city in Germany after Berlin and the largest city in the European Union, which is not a capital. Economically and scientifically, the metropolis is particularly important in the field of cutting-edge technologies such as aerospace engineering, the life sciences and information technology, as well as for the consumer goods industry.

Our Partner Companies

Due to our close relationship with partner companies and educational institutions all over the world, we established a diverse international community of students, faculty and economics experts. Exploring our intense network of 100 partners will be one of the highlights of your internship and will help you build your very own international network for the future.

Discover Germany's Hidden Champions

Hidden champions are medium-sized companies that have become European or global market leaders in niche market segments. This specific market positioning allows them to exert a high degree of specialization and a significant degree of customer proximity.

As of today, there are 2,734 hidden champions in the world - 1,307 of which are from Germany. This equals 47% of all champions worldwide. The United States comes in second with 366 companies.

Learn from World's Leading Engineers

Discover the essential values of "Made in Germany" first-hand. In an international competition, world leading pioneers always stand for precision and performance quality despite structural problems, despite the growth weaknesses and despite high costs.

"Made in Germany" stands for quality, diligence, efficiency and precision and thus for good, reliable and just as solid as innovative products. With an internship in Germany, you will develop a keen understanding of those values directly, thus optimally preparing you for an international career.

Why Germany?

Germans have developed some of common traits: being honest, hardworking, punctual, frugal and disciplined.

Germany is undoubtedly one of the most important and influential countries in Europe. Germany has long been regarded as a nation in which economy and industry have thrived and is home to giants such as, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi.

Being the home of Bach and Beethoven, Germany is further known for its admiration for art and culture hosting around 300 theaters, 130 professional orchestras and 630 art museums with internationally acclaimed collections.

Experience the Diverse Culture of the Largest Country in Europe

Germany is located in central Europe, bordering Poland and Czech in the east, Austria and Switzerland in the south, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the west, and Denmark in the north. It has the most neighbors and largest population in Europe.

Due to the European Union, you can explore the diversity of the European culture and history by traveling easily across borders. Or stay within Germany and explore the multifarious local culture by watching football, eating traditional food and and meet people from all over the world.

Do you think you got what it takes?

Doing an internship abroad is a great way of gaining experience in your desired field of work and bolstering your CV. Successfully completing an internship in Germany shows future employers that you are brave, confident and are able to succeed in one of the most-demanding working environments when it comes to quality and precision.

So, what are you waiting for?