People’s Republic of China

Dive into the second largest economy in the world!

After the US, China is the second largest economy in the world. China is a dynamic and very important market for many companies worldwide, not least because of its size. The newfound wealth promotes innovation and technology, making China an attractive destination for overseas students and expats. However, the century-old culture stil poses numerous challenges for foreigners.

With our internship program you will experience the versatile and promising nation first-hand and thus achieve a decisive advantage over competing applicants on the job market.


Explore one of the fastestgrowing cities in the world


Within three decades, rice fields and small villages made the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone into one of China's most important cities.

Shenzhen is a city in motion. It's attractive to doers and innovators - not just because there are many booming technology companies (from the Internet, drones, robotics, etc.), but also because the environment is considered less polluted than in many other major Chinese cities.


Explore China's financial and economical center


Shanghai is home to some of Europe's most important trading partners and was China's gateway to the world a hundred years ago. It is the engine of the current Chinese economic recovery, and the strongest attraction for foreign investment and labor. The Huangpu financial metropolis received top marks from foreigners living in China in terms of working and living conditions as well as employment regulations for foreigners.


Beijing is a mesmerizing metropolis,with well-preserved monuments of richChinese history next to award-winningmodern buildings.

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In the south of the Republic of China lies the metropolis of Guangzhou. Its proximity to Hong Kong has transformed the metropolis into an emerging trading center. The largest import and export fair in China brings many business travelers to the city

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Hangzhou is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the People's Republic of China. The per capita GDP of the city reached the same level as in the rich countries and the happiness index of the inhabitants was the highest among the Chinese cities

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The capital of Sichuan Province, Chengdu, is regarded as the economic center of the West with comparable structures of major cities on the east coast of China. Germany is the EU's biggest investor in China and Chengdu is seen as a gateway to western China.

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Immerse into the century-old culture

China, the legendary Middle Kingdom, fascinates every visitor because of the different nature of the people who live here. The centuries-old culture of the country is for many a shock and yet a great experience. Over this long period of history, China has been superior to the West. It developed into a flourishing civilization balancing the Old and New World in an exceptional manner. We believe, the only way to experience and immerse into this culture, is by setting foot into China and experience the local culture and people first-hand.

Explore the unique corporate culture and learn corevalues of business in China

China is a country in which the pursuit of harmony, tradition and the preservation of face have the highest priorities. In business, restraint and respect stand above all other values. With our program, you will experience and learn about negotiations and discussions, gifts, greeting and daily interaction. We will teach you some of the most important do's and don'ts that can not be learned from books - only through personal experiences.

Our company partners in China

Due to our close relationship with partner companies and educational institutions all over the world, we established a diverse international community of students, faculty and economics experts. Exploring our intense network of 100 partners will be one of the highlights of your internship and will help you build your very own international network for the future.

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Spending four to twenty-four weeks at our Shanghai campus is an invaluable opportunity to discover China. We connect China experts and business insiders to share their insights on doing business in China with international students. Learn from leading executives on what companies look for in new hires. Form your own opinion on business strategies that work—or don’t—as presented by senior executives actively running businesses in China.

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