We will find a place you call Home

Finding an accommodation in a new city be quite tough. No matter whether in China, Germany or England, you will need to provide all sorts of contracts and bank statements, not to mention paying horrendous deposits.

You could also choose a hotel, but we all know that hotels are either very expensive or offer you little to no privacy if sharing a room in a hostel.

Our accommodation solutions offer you all the comfort and quality that you'd expect from a hotel, while being as cost effective as an average hostel. You can choose between your very own apartment with all the benefits you'd expect from your stay. Or you choose our costeffective single room in a shared apartment, which gives

you the opportunity to meet local people and easily integrate into the local community.


Going abroad can be scary. We want to provide you with a place that you can call home. A place that you feel safe and welcomed. We assure you that each building is located in the best part of the respective city. You will have close connection to local transport and - depending on the city - guard protection of the facilities.


Whether it is your own apartment or a simple room, the accommodations are always equipped with a bed, a shelf, a desk and a chair. This makes it easier for newly arrived students, because you do not have to buy and build furniture.

Also cutlery, towels, television and internet connection are standard in the rooms.


Our programs offer a tailored solution for every budget. Simply choose one of our two room categories or contact us directly and discuss your individual and specific requirements on the accommodation. We are constantly extending our housing facilities, so please don't hesitate to consult us, if you have any comments or questions.

Our accommodation

Premium single apartment

Our modern and friendly furnished premium single apartments are each equipped with a private fridge, as well as TV and Internet. Bed linen and towels are of course included. The premium apartment offers maximum comfort and relaxation in the city. All furnishings are new, cleanliness and freshness are for us not a service but a guarantee. Spend an unforgettable time in your city. Our house, apart from the good location, the fair prices, as well as good service offers many more advantages.

Single room in shared apartment

Our single room offers all its guests clean, modern and pleasantly furnished single rooms. Through shared living, you share common living space with other national or international students, such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Our rooms are equipped with all comforts. Wifi, bed linen and towels are of course included. Benefit from many other features:

Make new friends outside of
your company

We are convinced that private and social life are crucial for integration and well-being in a foreign culture. For this reason, we rely on living together with local students and young adults. In our residential communities you are not alone. Especially at the beginning of the internship you can quickly find a connection in a shared apartment, get tips from older students and get to know a lot of people. With joint cooking, movie and game evenings you can pass the time and often has something to laugh about. In a shared flat you can find friends for life.

Ideal retreat from demanding work life

Of course we all like to go out and meet friends. But when you come home to your room, you can also enjoy your privacy in the dorm. If a working day takes longer, or you want to relax at the weekend, our Accommodations offer an ideal retreat from the demanding work life.

Enjoy shared living

Although many fear being lonely in a single room, the reality is quite different. Almost all apartments have a recreation room where they cook together, organize movie evenings or regulars' dinners. There, new friendships are formed and soon one does not hesitate to knock on the door of a neighbor's for a coffee or to cook together.

Make new friends

If you move to a new city and do not know anyone yet, moving into our shared apartment is the ideal choice to meet international and local people. You immediately make new friends and build up your network for the future. Even with questions about studying and the new environment, your roommates are happy to help and advise you.

Any questions about our accommodations?

We offer the right accommodation for each and everyone of you. Even though we have existing contracts with housing agencies, we continuously extend our network. If you have any special requirement for your stay abroad, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!