• Earliest start date

    10. January 2018

  • Duraton


  • Locaton

    london, united-kingdom

  • Major


Connecting the Automobile Industry between Germany and China

Market Research Internship
This program prepares students and graduates in the area of market research in the automobile industry. Due to close communication with the companies suppliers, clients and partners, the intern will gain unique insights into the inner-workings of the German car market. Goal of this program is the acquisition of market knowledge, transfer to other countries (such as China) and summarize and present the research results to improve the companies market strategy.

What you will do:

  • Conduct market research on the largest direct and indirect competitors
  • Summarize the results and prepare a presentation
  • Develop a business plan for the companies future strategy
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas with partners and clients as a further input for the research
  • Opportunity to combine this program with a university thesis


Work Experience
no prior work experience required
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint
English, German or Chinese is considered a plus

Career Prospects:

Work in a large car manufacturer or supplier in a research or strategy related position.


Flat hierarchies, responsible tasks and salary of 400 EUR / month.


What you will learn:

Extend your knowledge

  • Apply theoretical models to real projects
  • Learn about China
  • Germany relations
  • Conduct market research
  • Research Techniques

Deepen your skills

  • Give presentations for the board
  • Enhance communication and negotiation
  • Markeng and Sales

Learn German engineering values

  • innovative technologies
  • Precision and highest production standards
  • Customer specific product development

Socialize and travel

  • Meet new friends in and outside the company
  • Live in a traditional German city
  • Enjoy city and nature by outdoor sport or traveling